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We are currently in what is known as Industry 4.0 and Web 4.0. These terms speak to the current evolution we are in regarding the Industrial Era and the Web. Our leadership is greatly affected by what is happening around us. If you think back...

THE INNOVATIVE LEADER PODCAST WITH DAVID PHILLIPS AND CHRISTY GEIGER (WWW.INNOVATIVELEADER.CO) Leadership in 2020 has been a workout for most leaders. It had challenged leaders to assess their business and adapt to changing times. Today in The Innovative Leader Podcast, David and Christy look at four...

THE INNOVATIVE LEADER PODCAST WITH DAVID PHILLIPS AND CHRISTY GEIGER (WWW.INNOVATIVELEADER.CO) How do you leverage the next 90? In the Innovative Leader Podcast today, we are focusing on three keys to get and stay in action. Have Challenging Goals: The Good to Great concept of the BHAG what goal...

THE INNOVATIVE LEADER PODCAST WITH DAVID PHILLIPS AND CHRISTY GEIGER (WWW.INNOVATIVELEADER.CO) [embed][/embed]   fter an unpredictable and ever-changing year (2020), many leaders and businesses have found themselves adapting for the majority of the year. With the unknown of COVID and other challenges around us today, it can be tempting... Often when we have challenges with an underperforming team member, we can quickly feel frustrated at the gap. When team members are struggling in their role it can drain time and energy from the team. It limits productivity, progress, and results. It takes organizational resources trying...

[embed][/embed] VUCA is an acronym that was developed out of the leadership theories by Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus in 1987. The acronym is used to help describe and reflect on the volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity of general conditions and situations in the world “today”....

[embed][/embed] How does stress show up? Why is it a problem? Ineffective leadership Overwhelm/overloaded Can’t make decisions confusion Leaders do the right things (walk, foods, water, fitness...

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