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If you have ever tried to live an empowered and full life, you have met yours. The bigger the dream, the bigger the sumo-size Gremlin can be.  You may or may not be aware of it. We all have one – some people refer to...

The Gremlin works by talking to you in your head to get you confused, questioning yourself, convince you your dream is stupid, dangerous, impossible, you are not qualified, don't have time, money, etc. to do what you want. You know your Gremlin is having a...

The impact is different for everyone – but it has some impact on you. For example: low self esteem, feeling invaluable, unworthy, needy of praise, etc. Most people keep this to themselves, but mentally and emotionally wrestle with it and it squeaks out in their...

So, to step closer to wholehearted living, your full potential and your life purpose and calling, it is in your best interest to: Identify the Gremlin – Name it. Draw it. Identify its favorite sayings to you and its best tactic to keep you small. What...

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