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Why Coaching? What do people coach on? How could it support me? Here are some examples of coaching agendas / priorities: COACHING FOR LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT (CXO’s, Owners, Entrepreneurs, Directors/Managers, Pastors, Leaders) I believe in getting perspective from a neutral source and having a sounding board is valuable. It is...

Do you resist change or struggle to embrace it in your company or organization? Change is hard for most people. In the DISC personality profile, one company statistically extracted that 63% of the world (so over ½ of the population) are more of the “S”...

In her article, The Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Leadership Style, on Entrepreneur.com, Gwen Moran defines the good and bad of four leadership styles based on the DISC assessment tool. “Conductor. These leaders are direct, with a constant sense of urgency and focus on results. Conductors...

There are several tools out there for understanding your personal style. Many are similar, but offer a unique perspective on different facets of your personality. The Strengths Finder Assessment, The Myers-Brigs, The DISC Personality, Keirsey Temperament, The Shape Personality, Authentic Happiness Questioner, and Jung Typology Test,...

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