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When My Work Environment Feels Stressful, What Can I Do To Relax Me?

If you have a cluttered, boring or uninspired work environment it makes it more difficult to be there.  1)      Set your “stage” for work. What inspires you, what relaxes you, what brings you joy? Decorate your office with some “art”… some people put motivational quotes or passages, pictures of your family,

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What Are You Tolerating?

Now is a great time to assess your environment for maximum productivity.  An exercise that is great for cleaning up your environment is to visit your tolerations.  What are you tolerating? Take steps today to start to remove those nagging annoyances that subconsciously suck energy from you. Really, it is amazing

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Perspective on how to LOVE your job!

Perspective on appreciating your work. Read a story about Rob, a commercial saturation diver for Global Divers in Louisiana, who performs underwater repairs on offshore drilling rigs. share his day…

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