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We have thousands of thoughts a day. It is said that roughly 95% of thoughts are UNCONSCIOUS, 80% of thoughts are negative, and 90% of thoughts are the same as yesterday.  What does this mean? We are not aware of the many negative thoughts we repeatedly...

Life happens. Change happens. Low mojo happens! Don’t beat yourself up for the lack of motivation you might be experiencing. Sometimes we feel bad when we look at our long list or reflect on the thing we WANT to do when we just don’t have...

Are you finding you have a lot to do, but never seem to have enough time? 1) First assess how you are spending your time. Here are a few common time eaters to watch out for: • Have a long list of things to do and focus...

Managing my “mental ” energy supports me to better manage the other energies. My mental energy is heavily influenced by what I am surrounded by and my ability to take what is in me and share it. When I can do that...

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