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As April 2020 opens, and the COVID-19/Corona virus pandemic has unleashed its global impact, Christy Geiger and David Phillips consider the 5 P's that leaders need to focus on during this time. Whether you are leading yourself, your family, your business ...

There are three chemicals in the body that can help boost our mood and positive emotion when we are down or stressed. Studies show when these levels are low we can feel down. There are things you can do to naturally boost these “happy” levels...

When we are in situations where there are greater uncertainty and stress, it is common for worry and fear to increase. When we are not around other humans because our brains are actually wired for relationship and connection (introvert or not), we can feel sadness...

While I see many leaders working to keep morale up; many are buffering stress. Here are a few sources I thought had useful information so we as leaders are educated, can respond well and are equipped to make great choices. If you have some...

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