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Communication is challenging. We can argue, “No it isn’t, I communicate clearly, it is others who do not understand.” That is exactly why communication is challenging. We tend to think the world thinks like us and when they don’t, we feel frustrated and often BLAME others...

White space is the space between the tasks, projects, meetings and demands we have each day. White space has NOTHING in it, on purpose. ...

Communication is important. As a leader communication is critical. In a world with lots of messages, distractions, and information it is important to consider what communication strategies are most useful and helpful to reach the people you need to connect with. Here are 14 tips...

Body language matters. When your body message is congruent with your word message, it builds trust and clarity. When there is a lack of congruence it creates confusion, question, and skepticism. It isn’t about mind-reading or projecting thoughts and messages on people, rather, our...

Do you ever feel you are working hard to communicate, but your message does not seem to be heard or understood? Do you feel it seems people are listening but not processing or engaging? Do you feel like you have been communicating for years and...

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