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If someone took hold of your life tomorrow, what's the 1st thing you think they would change? - James Clear ...

Life happens. Change happens. Low mojo happens! Don’t beat yourself up for the lack of motivation you might be experiencing. Sometimes we feel bad when we look at our long list or reflect on the thing we WANT to do when we just don’t have...

Change can be a challenging. Period. While some “like” change, most of the general population does not like change and even those who do, have areas they like it the way they have it. The challenge is that the world is constantly changing, like it...

"Whatever you do, do something" is a statement my husband's mentor told him once about his work. Often people have ideas and dreams, but get paralyzed by what it might take to make it happen. Know what you want and why, then take a step...

Do you resist change or struggle to embrace it in your company or organization? Change is hard for most people. In the DISC personality profile, one company statistically extracted that 63% of the world (so over ½ of the population) are more of the “S”...

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