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Inspiration to me is what I think about, am passionate about, want to learn more about, and constantly seek to deepen understanding and ability to do well....

Often leaders know coaching is a great tool to support their growth and development. In the middle of the leadership grind, the urgent tasks and press of business, leaders struggle to know WHAT to coach on that will really be supportive. Here are a few...

Being a mom herself, she got the vision and the impact of Grooowco. I would not have been where I am without her. She has incredible tips like books or people and is always able to guide me forward in the topics we work on....

For coaching to have its powerful transformation, leaders must make an intentional effort to apply the general learning to themselves specifically. They must bring to the table their thoughts, learning, and suggestions to create a custom and unique approach and solution that supports their...

WHO? CXO’s, Owners, Entrepreneurs, Directors/Managers, Pastors, Leaders, Professionals, Home-based businesses WHAT? LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT, PERSONAL PRODUCTIVITY, SMALL BUSINESS and GROWTH/DEVELOPMENT COACHING What do people coach on? How could it support me? Here are some examples of coaching agendas/priorities: COACHING FOR LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT (CXO’s, Owners, Entrepreneurs, Directors/Managers, Pastors, Leaders) I believe in getting perspective from a...

PERSONALIZED – custom to you, your goals and needs VISION – see clearly where you want to go and how to get there MOTIVATION – understand your unique values and motives to keep you moving forward FOCUS – zero in on what are the most...

The Secret of
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