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Accountability is often a challenging topic. For many, it can be an uncomfortable part of leadership and management, as many perceive it as conflict. They see it as a conflict because most often if accountability needs to be practiced, it means holding someone responsible for...

Accountability is a frequent topic for leaders who want to do their best but wonder how to hold accountability. They don’t want to micromanage and want to trust their team and empower them. How do you do both? Here are a few thoughts:...

Stop the mind spinning – do a purge page and get it out! Review where you are trying to go and what is in your way Be thankful for what you have and is working Give yourself 24 hours to be in a funk...

We are leaders in our businesses, communities and homes. Sometimes people around us can feel exhausted if we have silent expectations for them or we hope they will lead themselves. As humans, we are all influenced by others around us. Even powerful leaders look to...

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