Podcast: Lead Through the Mess with Less Stress

Podcast: Lead Through the Mess with Less Stress

How does stress show up? Why is it a problem? Ineffective leadership Overwhelm/overloaded Can’t make decisions confusion Leaders do the right things (walk, foods, water, fitness….) Sleep Body


SLEEP: Tylenol, melatonin, (sleep tracker)

PHYSICAL: get outside

DIET: off caffeine (coke, coffee), off sugar

EMOTIONAL: understand what’s contributing

RECHARGE: give yourself time to do nothing and recharge

Build margin: say no to something….

Book Suggestions: · MARGIN by Richard Swenson · Procrastinating on Purpose by Rory Vaden

#2 – Have compassion for others vs increasing demands

Realize everyone is under stress (same “environmental” stressors happening for others too) Encourage to do the same self-care you are doing Permission Give margin at the end of the week – send them home and let the go See humans: team, venders, family Grace… understanding… ·

#3 – how to recalibrate vs get sucked into a reaction

Don’t get sucked into a reaction – it will not solve itself Tools to get out of reaction Time off (weekend) Spend time planning Make a checklist and prioritize Block time for priorities Reset habits (AM: prayer, meditation, etc.) (fitness, healthy foods, etc.) Increase certainty to focus on what I can do Boundaries – options (I can’t do this…)(I would love to help…I am doing xyz… I head you need xyz… which is best?)


The Secret of
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