The Anatomy of Peace

The Anatomy of Peace

The Anatomy of PeaceThis book, The Anatomy of Peace, was recommended to me to explore the challenge of dealing with letting go of “identity” that is ego driven (meaning you have to cling to your identity to feel good about yourself – which is really not very healthy). It is a fascinating read…you are drawn into a “class” taught by two master teachers working with a group of parents who have just delivered their rebellious teens to a wilderness camp in hopes of life-changing behavior modification for their kids. The days the parents spend with the leaders help them realize that they are a part of the dynamics and problem. The master leaders help them to understand what is happening and how convoluted perspectives can get over time, as we feel entitled, victimized, etc. They assert that as time passes, we may become unable to face our true faults. We justify our thoughts and actions, seeking blame and scapegoating in an effort to keep ourselves ‘right.’ This cycle is an on-going mess provoking the problems we are trying to solve. It happens everywhere: home, work, relationships, etc.

This book is also written more directly for those in business under the title Leadership and Self-Deception. Either book is a ‘must read.’ And if you are thinking “I don’t have that problem,” you definitely should read it.

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Christy Geiger, Executive Business Coach & Trainer, Minneapolis, MN

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