Are You Guilty of These Communication Traits?

Are You Guilty of These Communication Traits?

Power of PrensenceIn her blog post, Five Communication Traits That Turn People Off,  Kristi Hedges, a leadership coach, speaker and author of Power of Presence: Unlock Your Potential to Influence and Engage Others shares ways that we can irritate others with the way we talk to them.  It is very important that we talk to others with the utmost respect and always think about how we want to be spoken to.

We should not be guilty of:

  1. “Using big words people don’t understand.
  2. Littering your speech with acronyms or buzz words.
  3. Correcting others about minor things.
  4. Always needing to be right, and not admitting weakness.
  5. Making the conversation about you in an effort to be empathetic.”

Read here: for the full article.

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